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Sunkyeong Ibiza

Find inner strength, light and vitality..

Sunkyeong Class
Experience Qi with our classes

Learn to recharge and harness your Qi energy through chants, movements, and meditation to recharge the body and calm the mind.

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1 class: €15
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Sunkyeong Treatment
Qi energy treatments 

Regain physical energy and emotional well-being through acupressure-based treatments

First session Special Offer: €50  
One session: €70  
Voucher for 5 sessions: €300
Voucher for 10 sessions: €500

Sunkyeong Energy
Energy cleaning 

Solve inherited energy patterns for physical and emotional well-being through ancestral healing. Revitalize physical spaces through energy cleansing.

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A brief introduction about Sun Kyeong Ibiza

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Mel has been a Qi Energy Practitioner with Sun Kyeong for 4 years, and is dedicated to helping people find health, profound happiness and their true purpose in life. She used to be a theatre director in London for 10 years, and although she loved it, the stress and burnout that she experienced physically left her with extreme fatigue and anxiety. She tried everything to help, both medical practices and an abundance of alternative therapies.

When she found the Sun Kyeong method, the treatments and classes completely transformed her health and left her happier, with much more energy and a clearer mind. After taking part in the Ancestor Healing course her anxiety vanished and her health continued to improve. She felt a deep sense of tranquility and also a real desire to help other people with this method.

She left a career she loved and began training to be a Qi Energy Practitioner. After training in London and Korea, she worked in Madrid and now runs the centre in Santa Eularia, Ibiza. She speaks Spanish and English and is thoroughly enjoying meeting all the beautiful people living in magical Ibiza. 

Mel Hillyard 

Qi Energy Practitioner 

Sun Kyeong Ibiza

Sun Kyeong is a non-profit organization that seeks to help people improve their health, well-being and happiness through its energy programs. Our collections are directed to the financing of our centers and to the support of our community work.


Carrer Rodriguez
de Valcarcel 9 
(Entrada Calle del Mar 4)
Santa Eularia del Rio
07840 Ibiza, Spain


Mel Hillyard
Qi Energy Practitioner
(+44) 7970469720
(+34) 611237160